Silas knows: feature story

As an avid sports fan, Silas Bravo is looking to make an impact anyway he can in the sports world whether that be on or off the field.

Bravo is currently a journalism major and a staff writer for the Talon Marks newspaper at Cerritos College and football player for the Cerritos Falcons.

In talking with Silas, he states that he will attempt to make the transition from football to baseball because of injuries to his knee.

Bravo works at his local in n out while attending school and loves to work out in his free time.

Bravo fits his workout regimen for later towards the end of his day as he can get a good night’s sleep knowing he made the most out of his busy day.

Silas Bravo posing for a picture in his home.

While in quarantine, Bravo has been taking advantage of the Cerritos College weight lifting program and eating lots of protein in order to be in the best shape both mentally and physically.

One thing Silas misses the most is going on a night in the town.

He talks about how he would throw on a nice outfit and go out to eat at his favorite restaurant spots or even explore ones he has never been to before with his family and friends.

Among missing going out and getting together with family, Bravo misses live sports entirely.

Watching and playing sports has definitely helped Bravo with the entertainment part of the shutdown as he maintains his body preparing for whatever is in store for his athletic journey.

“Watching the Lakers and the Dodgers bring the championship to the city was such a beautiful thing to watch…” Bravo states, “the Dodgers finally got it done after so many years and the Lakers won it for Kobe. What a time to be a sports fan in the city of angels.”

Bravo tries to make the most out of the current pandemic by catching up on good reads in the form of comics and listening to his extensive collection of music via Apple Music.

Drake is his biggest listen as it puts him in the mood to perform at his best in all aspects of his life.

“Drake is a perfect embodiment of what it means to perfect your craft. I strive to do the same and become successful in what I do whether that be on or off the field in the sport’s world.”

Bravo seems to be really motivated and very punctual with how he handles his career path.

Bravo plans to attend any PAC-12 college or weigh his options with any school that sends him an offer.



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Matthew Ramirez

Matthew Ramirez

Hello, my Name is Matthew Ramirez a college student ready to share my opinions on sports with the world.