In March of 2020, COVID-19 made its way to the United States and would change our lives as a country together.

March 13th is the day President Donald Trump had declared that the COVID-19 virus was a national emergency and immediately, funding was sent to research the virus and find a way to fight this deadly disease.

Almost a week later, California would be the first state in the U.S. …

NFL draft logo put up next to the Tremont Cleveland sign (photo via Erik Drost)

The 2021 NFL draft was a huge success from every team.

As usual, the draft is significant as the teams picks could result in the change of their franchise for years to come.

This draft class however will most certainly be the most impactful in recent years.

The number one pick in the draft Trevor Lawrence quarterback out of Clemson University was set in stone just 5 months before the draft had even taken place.

Lawrence had been praised for his collegiate career and is seen as the best college prospect since Tim Tebow.

Lawrence was chosen by the Jacksonville…

Photo via Mando Gomez on flickr

This Los Angeles Dodgers squad can potentially be the best team baseball has ever seen after just winning the world series one season ago.

The 1998 New York Yankees remain one of the greatest modern clubs in baseball’s recent memory winning a tremendous 114 games while only losing 48.

This team would also go 11–2 in the playoffs capping it all off with a world series trophy crowning themselves as the kings of baseball.

Fast forward to 2020 and a very talented Los Angeles Dodgers come into the shortened season as the new powerhouse of the MLB.

For over 32…

Paying hundreds of dollars for a piece of raw or protected cardboard may seem crazy but it will make you lots of money in the future.

Trading cards are a great way to make either some quick cash or long term money.

They have always been around spanning decades but during the beginning of the global pandemic, the game changed forever.

Entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk came out early in 2020 and made numerous videos about the trading card hobby and saying there is money to be had in the game.

Vaynerchuk single handedly made the hobby of buying, selling, and trading…

Around this time last year, all collegiate sports had their seasons postponed due to the outbreak and eventual shut down at the hands of COVID-19.

Fast forward to March 15, 2021 and now, Cerritos College athletics have been cleared to return for on campus social distance conditioning.

Athletes and staff alike will be excited to return to campus and get one step closer to getting collegiate sports back on track to return to normalcy. .

In all her 20 years of coaching, softball coach Kodee Murray had never experienced anything quite like the sport she loved being taken away for…

As an avid sports fan, Silas Bravo is looking to make an impact anyway he can in the sports world whether that be on or off the field.

Bravo is currently a journalism major and a staff writer for the Talon Marks newspaper at Cerritos College and football player for the Cerritos Falcons.

In talking with Silas, he states that he will attempt to make the transition from football to baseball because of injuries to his knee.

Bravo works at his local in n out while attending school and loves to work out in his free time.

Bravo fits his…

Photo taken by RaymondClarkeImages via Flickr

The time for the National Basketball Association to change their logo has never been more perfect.

Kyrie Irving, star point guard for the Brooklyn Nets, recently came out and spoke about changing the NBA logo which is currently Jerry West to Kobe Bryant.

Irving posted a fan created logo design of Kobe Bryant as the face of the logo under which he captioned by saying, “Gotta Happen, idc what anyone says. BLACK KINGS BUILT THE LEAGUE.”

Irving asking for a black player to be the face of the NBA is a great way to show the diversity of the league.

Just some of the many sports cards I have in my collection. Around month two of quarantine, I spent most of my time from then till this day collecting cards and opening packs. This is a hobby that was picked up during lockdown but, I am hoping they will make me lots of money in the near future.

Fernando Tatis Jr. of the San Diego Padres tries to throw out Corey Seager of the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 3rd inning during Game 3 of the NLDS at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas on Thursday, Oct. 8, 2020. Photo credit: K.C. Alfred/TNS

It is no question that Fernando Tatis Jr. was one of the hottest young players in baseball as soon as he came into the league in the 2019 season. Clearly, San Diego Studios has taken notice, naming Tatis as the newest cover athlete to grace this year’s version of the game.

The news was broken through a video published by the host of Hot Ones Sean Evans via @firstwefeast on Monday, Feb. 1.

PlayStation also tweeted a short thirty second trailer featuring Tatis where he references him breaking some of the unwritten rules of baseball this past year of play:

Tom Brady watching the defensive side of the ball (Courtesy of Brook Ward)

Tom Brady is just coming off of his seventh super bowl ring in his long lasting career.

Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday 31–9 in Super Bowl LV.

Brady has been widely regarded as the G.O.A.T. or greatest of all time in football surpassing legends like Joe Montana, Troy Aikman, and most of the other great quarterbacks in the history of the game.

His resume includes 34 playoff wins with 10 Super Bowl appearances and winning 7 titles and 5 MVPs in those appearances.

After tonight's big win, many have taken to Twitter…

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